Automatic charging

The first automatic conductive charger for EVs.


Classic charging

Power management, Italian design and ease of use.

We are compatible with all electric and hybrid plug-in vehicle brands

loghi auto plug-in

About DazeTechnology


Making daily charging of EVs comfortable, simple and smart.
This is the mission since 2016 of DazeTechnology, the first company in the world marketing an automatic conductive
charging system: DazePlug. In addition to DazePlug, DazeTechnology offers a range of products and services for charging electric vehicles in private sector and, to a lesser extent, public EV charging applications. For the classic EV charging DazeTechnology developed DazeBox, a smart wallbox targeted to design and simplicity of use. All charging systems of DazeTechnology are made in Italy and share the same refined design.

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DazeTechnology is open to any serious collaboration proposal both concerning development and concerning distribution.