Automatic charging

The first automatic coductive charger for EVs.


Classic charging

Power management, italian design and ease of use starting from €680.

They support us

DazePlug recharges in an efficient, smart and safe way. In particular, we find highly innovating the attempt to have an autonomous charging system NOT inductive.  
Federico Caleno
Head of Technology Development, Enel X
I believe DazePlug is an interesting solution for charging EVs because it offers the convenience of wireless systems without emitting high intensity electromagnetic fields.
Giorgio Gamba
Head of e-Mobility department, Scame Parre SpA
DazePlug was the winner of the 2016 edition of Start Cup, awarded by a Jury composed of more than 30 Academics, entrepreneurs, investors and professionals, who appreciated the innovative solution to a real problem.
Tommaso Minola
Associate Professor, Università degli Studi di Bergamo
The device developed by DazeTechnology s.r.l. will make the charging of electric vehicles simple and familiar, contributing to their diffusion and to the improvement of the environment in which we live.
Roberto Rossi
Strategic Business Director, Phoenix Contact S.p.A.

Do you want a demo or to be a partner?

DazeTechnology is open to any serious collaboration proposal both concerning development and concerning distribution.