DazeBox is a “mode 3” wallbox oriented towards design and ease of use with Dynamic Power Management available in the single-phase and in the three-phase versions up to 7.4 kW and in the three-phase version up to 22 kW.
For the maximum comfort, DazeBox has a fixed Type-2 connector compatible with all electric and hybrid plug-in vehicle major brands.

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DazePlug is an autonomous conductive charging system for electric vehicles. It’s a device, placed on the floor of the parking area, which automatically connects to the vehicle when it is parked. The connection in made through a small inlet installed under the vehicle. DazePlug is not an inductive or wireless charger. It makes a real connection, so it can charge high power with high efficiency.

We are compatible with all electric and hybrid plug-in vehicle brands

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Making daily charging of EVs comfortable, simple and smart.
This is the mission of DazeTechnology since 2016, the first company in the world to have designed and developed a conductive automatic charging system: DazePlug. In addition to DazePlug, DazeTechnology offers a range of products and services for charging electric vehicles in private sector and, to a lesser extent, public EV charging applications. For the classic EV charging DazeTechnology developed DazeBox, a smart wallbox targeted to design and simplicity of use. All charging systems of DazeTechnology are made in Italy and share the same refined design.

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DazeTechnology is open to any proposal for collaboration regarding both development and production of EV charging systems.
Do you want to collaborate with us or do you simply want to get to know us better? We are here for you.