Can I install the wallbox outdoors?

Yes, DazeBox is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Can I install the wallbox in the sun?

In general, yes, but it is not recommended. The shell, the cable sheath and the connector are resistant to sunlight and in particular to their UV component. During charging, however, especially at high power, heat is generated inside the wallbox. This heat added to the one generated by the sunlight on a hot summer day can cause overheating beyond the maximum operating temperatures. However, DazeBox is equipped with a safety system which decreases the charging current when maximum temperatures are reached (derating) but in general it is preferable to avoid being in these conditions.

Is it possible to disconnect the cable during the charging process?

No, the cable is locked during charging. In order to remove the cable, you must first stop charging.

How is the wallbox installation performed?

The installation process of a charging point is divided in two stages: electrical predisposition and installation of the wallbox.
The electrical predisposition takes place by deriving the power (which in the case of a single-phase installation consists of a cable for the phase and one for the neutral) from the main electrical panel of the house and protecting the derived branch with a differential magnetothermic always inserted in the panel. This work should be done by a certified electrician because the modification of the electrical panel, although very simple as in this case, still requires recertification by qualified personnel.
Once the power cables arrive at the charging point, you can move on to the actual installation of the wallbox. The first step consists in opening the lid and posting it on the wall as shown in the instructions. Subsequently, it is necessary to pass the cables coming from the main panel through the appropriate input and connect them to the power terminal block inside the wallbox. Finally, it is possible to close the lid.
If you also want to install the Dynamic Power Management, you need to pull another cable from the main electrical panel to the wallbox. This cable will be connected to the panel with a ring (current transformer) to be fitted on the main power line just before the main switch and in the wallbox to a dedicated terminal board.
For a safe installation it is mandatory that the wallbox power supply system complies with the standards and certified by a qualified technician.

What kind of cables must be pulled from the electrical panel to the DazeBox during installation?

During the electrical predisposition of a charging point, power cables must be pulled from the differential magnetothermic switch of the electrical panel to the corresponding terminal block in the wallbox.The type of these cables is that of the classic cables for household, monopolar or multipolar electrical systems. The dimensions of the cables depend on the type of meter (single-phase or three-phase), on the maximum power of the charging point and on the distance between the electrical panel and the charging point. In classic household utilities, the electrical system is single-phase, while large consumers, such as laboratories or industries, use a three-phase system.
The table below shows some examples of cable sizes appropriate to the various cases.


Maximum charging powerWiring length
from electrical panel to DazeBox
Phase cable section
(brown, grey or black)
Neutral cable section
Protective earth cable section
(yellow and green)
3,5 kW< 15 m2.5 mm22.5 mm22.5 mm2
3,5 kW> 15 m4 mm24 mm24 mm2
7.4 kW< 15 m6 mm26 mm26 mm2
7.4 kW> 15 m10 mm210 mm2At least 6 mm2


Maximum charging powerWiring length
from electrical panel to DazeBox
Phase cable section
Phase cable section
Phase cable section
Neutral cable section
Protective earth cable section
(yellow and green)
11 kW< 15 m2.5 mm22.5 mm22.5 mm22.5 mm22.5 mm2
11 kW> 15 m4 mm24 mm24 mm24 mm24 mm2
22 kW< 15 m6 mm26 mm26 mm26 mm26 mm2
22 kW> 15 m10 mm2 10 mm210 mm210 mm2At least 6 mm2

For a correct calculation according to your needs, please refer to the following link.

If the installation also includes the Dynamic Power Management, it is necessary to add a bipolar shielded braided signal cable with a section of 0.35 mm2 which will be connected to the current transformer in the electric panel and to the respective terminal block in the wallbox.

How does the Dynamic Power Management work?

Once your home power limit of your home has been set on the wallbox, the Dynamic Power Management automatically adjusts the power supplied for charging the electric vehicle, preventing to exceed the consumption limits taking into account the consumption of the other domestic appliances switched on at all times. Suppose that in your home the power limit is 3.5 kW and you want to charge your car.
If the oven and washing machine that consume a total of 2 kW are switched on, the electric car will be charged at 1.5 kW. The moment the oven and washing machine are turned off, the car will start charging at 3.5 kW.

How long does it take to charge my car?

To calculate how long it will take to fill up your electric vehicle, simply apply this simple formula:

EV charging time formula kwh -kh

For further information, please refer to the following link which will explain in detail how to calculate the recharge time.

How is the wallbox fixed to the wall?

In the back of the shell there are 3 holes for fixing to the wall with 3 anchors. Please refer to use and maintenance manual for more details.

Which cars are compatible with the integrated type-2 cable?

The integrated type 2 connector is compatible with almost all major electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle brands. Vehicles that still mount type 1 connectors are few and not recent. In general, however, it is always advisable to check the connector of your vehicle before making the purchase.

Which components must be added to the electrical panel during the electrical predisposition of the charging point?

To comply with safety standards, installation can be done in two ways in accordance with IEC 62955: 2018.
The first involves the insertion of a type A differential in the electrical panel and an RCM (DC residual current controller) inside the wallbox for checking residual currents. The RCM is available as an optional on DazeBox.
The second involves the insertion of a type B differential in the electrical panel.
In both the above mentioned cases, there must also be a magnetothermic switch capable of interrupting the current in case of overloads. The presence of the Dynamic Power Management also implies the installation of an amperometric transformer upstream or downstream of the main switch of the electrical panel.

Is a type A or B differential necessary?

If an RCM is installed inside the wallbox for the control of residual DC currents, a type A differential is sufficient, otherwise a type B differential is required.

How do you set the charging power of a wallbox?

On the electronic board of the wallbox there are mini-switches that allow the setting of the charging power.
The correct procedure is described in detail in the installation manual always supplied with a DazeBox.

What are the warranty terms for DazeBox?

DazeBox is sold with a 24-month guarantee. The warranty can however be extended on request.
To be able to use the assistance service free of charge, the product must be covered by a warranty. In order to verify this circumstance, DazeTechnology, at any time, may request the purchase document of the product. In case of unavailability of this document, the assistance will be considered out of warranty and therefore the service will be considered to be paid by the customer. The warranty is valid for any person who lawfully holds the product. The Consumer who purchased a DazeTechnology brand wallbox from retailers must contact the person from whom he purchased the product to determine how to apply the warranty.

Is it possible to install the wallbox in common areas?

Yes, but it is necessary to ask for a written authorization from the space owner, in the forms provided by law.
If there is a need to connect to a shared electric meter, you can buy a meter that allows you to identify the consumption of your wallbox.

Can I take advantage of tax deductions by purchasing a DazeBox?

Yes, the 2019 Budget Law (Law n.145 / 2018) provides tax breaks with a 50% deduction for expenses incurred from March 1, 2019 to December 31, 2021 relating to the purchase and installation of wallboxes. The deduction is calculated on a maximum amount of 3,000 euros, spread over 10 years.
For more information, please refer to the following link or to the following informative article.

What does the Dynamic Power Management consist of and how to install it?

The device for the Dynamic Power Management to be installed in the main electrical panel of the house is an amperometric transformer (TA). The TA looks like of a small ring from which two very small signal cables come out and follow the same path as the power cables that feed the wallbox and connect to the charging controller. This ring must be fitted in single-phase installations on the line (cable or black or brown or gray) or on the neutral (blue cable) of the cables that enter or leave the main switch of the electrical panel.


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