The Team

Andrea Daminelli
CEO Founder
Giacomo Zenoni
CEO Founder
Pietro Boni
Head of Hardware Dazer since May 2017
Davide Mariottini
Head of Mechanical Design Dazer since October 2017
Matteo Oppizzi
Product Owner Dazer since October 2018
Federico Mazzoleni
R&D Director Dazer since May 2019
Eric Sottocornola
Head of Manufacturing Dazer since June 2019
Lorenzo Ferrari
Sales Director Dazer since September 2019
Paolo Pasinetti
Firmware Developer Dazer since December 2019
Pietro Ceresoli
Operations Director Dazer since January 2020
Morris Ravasio
Production Specialist Dazer since December 2020
Alessandra Giglio
Sales Administration Specialist Dazer since December 2020
Matteo Solazzi
Marketing & Design Director Dazer since Febraury 2021
Mirko Silvetti
Production Specialist Dazer since April 2021
Andrea Lopez Cesarino
Senior Firmware Developer Dazer since April 2021
Stefano Caiazzo
Finance Director Dazer since April 2021
Francesca Micheletti
Graphic Design Specialist Dazer since May 2021
Luca Falconi
Sales Specialist Dazer since May 2021
Giulia Ceroni
Front Office Specialist Dazer since June 2021
Davide Mezzini
Human Resources Director Dazer since September 2021
Edoardo Mittica
Digital Marketing Assistant Dazer since September 2021
Lorenzo Ferrario
International Expansion Developer Dazer since September 2021
Marco Pedruzzi
Product Operator Dazer since October 2021
Matteo Cattaneo
Head of Procurement Dazer since October 2021
Alessandro Binarelli
Head of Software & Firmware Dazer since November 2021
Martina Belotti
Product Operator Dazer since December 2021
Alessandro Arioli
Accounting Specialist Dazer since January 2022
Alessio D’Andrea
Senior Hardware Developer Dazer since January 2022
Marco Merafina
Head of Creative Direction Dazer since Febrauary 2022
Emilia Malvestiti
Accounting Specialist Dazer since Febrauary 2022
Giovanni Tria
Digital Marketing Specialist Dazer since March 2022
Daniela Marro
Sales Specialist Dazer since April 2022
Alessandro Marinelli
Sales Specialist Dazer since April 2022
Simone Conti
Account Manager Dazer since June 2022
Andrea Austoni
Sales Support Specialist Dazer since June 2022
Giorgia Gandolfi
IT Specialist Dazer since August 2022
Viola Rota
Financial Analyst Intern Dazer since August 2022
Francesco De Sanctis
Graphic Design Intern Dazer since September 2022
Federica Scalvedi
Procurement Specialist Dazer since September 2022
Marco Manzoni
Technical Support Specialist Dazer since September 2022
Corrado Sana
Facility operator Dazer since September 2022
Diego Comi
Mechanical Design Engineer Dazer since September 2022
Riccardo Molteni
Testing Specialist Dazer since September 2022
Viviana Maffioletti
Human Resources Specialist Dazer since October 2022
Gabriel Eduardo Gazzano
Software Developer Dazer since October 2022
Giuseppe Dicosmo
Sales Specialist Spain Dazer since October 2022
Pablo Guglielmino
CRM Specialist Dazer since Novmber 2022
Edoardo Setti
Project Manager Dazer since Novmber 2022


DazeTechnology is always looking for new talents to be included in its staff. Send us your application.