We believe in sustainability through innovation. Be part of an automotive startup, drive the change

We were born as a startup in Bergamo and grew up quickly. We are now a solid Company employing more than 20 people and we won’t stop here. Our goal is to grow bigger and lead the automotive’s future.


We’re growing fast and looking for new talents to join our company: discover why you should jump right in and work with us!


INNOVATION and GROWTH Our HQ is based in Bergamo area, land of entrepreneurs and manufacturing tradition, where we partner successfully with big corporations.

RESPONSIBILITY You’ll learn fast: working in a startup means you’ll be dealing straight away with responsibility and will be able to manage whole projects from the beginning, without having to wait for years behind the scenes.

TEAM WORKING We’re a TEAM, literally: our decision process is shared, there is no hierarchy to follow when proposing new ideas or solutions. Talent and creativity are always welcome.


PRACTICALITY We’re within the few startups that design and develop hardware. With us you can take part of the whole process, from research and development till the engineering and production. You will be able to join the production team and try out the assembly line or charge our electric fleet.

TALENT We have a very talented team, coming from allover Italy and with a diverse background: aerospace, informatics, naval and energy engineers, and more! Everyone is here to learn and share knowledge with each other.

WELCOME We believe our Company is a friendly and welcoming place, where you will find young coworkers (avg age is 29 yo) and an informal atmosphere.


But believe us, we are looking forward to listening to YOUR story! Indeed! We are really looking for you, because we know you:

– are into electric mobility and automotive’s future

– want to be part of developing a sustainable and smart mobility

– want to grow fast and can’t wait to take the challenge on

–  want to work with big brands and companies in the automotive and energy industries

– appreciate teamwork and are ready to share your experience and learn from others



If after all of what you’ve seen you think DazeTechnology is the place for you, send us your CV: here below you’ll find our openings. If you can’t find something that fits you but still want to work with us, send us your open application with the button at the bottom of the page!

Mechanical Designer

The resource will be inserted in the Technical Office, and she/he will be responsible for following the development and design of new products, and the modifications and/or customizations of existing products.

Testing and Compliance Engineer

The resource will report to the Head of the Technical Department and functionally to the Project Leader, and she/he will be responsible for the testing and inspection of prototypes and series products (wallboxes, inverters, hardware and software components and modules).

Embedded Software Engineer

The resource will be inserted in the software development team.

Product Manager

The ideal candidate will be responsible for identifying customer needs and the broader business goals that a product or feature will meet, articulating the success aspect for a product, and assembling a team to make that vision a reality.

Junior Product Manager

The ideal candidate will be responsible for planning, coordinating, and implementing projects within the established budget, schedule, and scope. In addition, she/he will effectively monitor and present project updates to stakeholders, customers, or project team members.

Accounting Internship

The figure will support the accounting and finance team

Front Office Assistant

The resource will be inserting in the Marketing Office, and she/he will be responsible for taking and answering customer calls.

Our openings are not fitting your skills or role expectations but you still want to join our team?

If you don’t think those roles are a fit for you but you still want to work with us, send us an open application: we’ll be more than happy to meet you.

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